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For Sale: Two 15x195 tires, exercise bike, and foot stool. 270-384-6341
For Sale: Kenmore flat top stove and a fridge with ice maker. 270-343-6188
For Sale: Chickens $3 each. 270-403-6007
For Sale: Hot tub, endtables, coctail table, and looking for someone to remove a fireplace. 270-566-3185
For Sale: Queen size comforter. 270-384-2435
For Sale: Sofa and futon. 270-384-5830
For Sale: Quilts, twin sizes start at $30 Queen sizes start at $60. 270-634-0306
Missing Dog: Last seen around the Tutt Street area male chocolate lab with collar. 270-250-5946
For Sale: Heater. 270-250-2526
For Sale: Wood. 270-634-0991
For Sale: '89 Yamaha Street bike, trailer, and pepsi crates. 270-459-2105
For Sale: '01 Taurus Ford. 270-805-9468
For Sale: Washer and dryer. 270-312-3099
For Sale: 75 pocket knives. 270-709-4622
Yard Sale: 17 & 69 Callahan Loop in Knifley october 13th and 14th. 270-465-1210
For Sale: 2011 Ford Ranger 4x4. 270-634-2403
For Sale: Wheelchair. 270-789-4622
For Sale: Ford tractor, three point hitch lift disk, and a bed off a 90 model truck. 606-305-9969
For Sale: Multiple motors. 270-459-2105
For Sale: '98 Chevy transmition. 270-634-2432
Looking For: Couch and matress. 270-562-4021
For Sale: Pure bread black angus bulls. 270-634-2169
For Sale: '98 Jeep. 270-384-4740
For Sale: Bluegrass cellphones with chargers. 270-378-0601
For Sale: Cast iron wood stove. 270-634-3250
For Sale: 32inch tv and a natural gas heater. 270-250-2526
For Sale: Bathroom items and clothes. 270-384-3502
For Sale: Load of wood. 270-634-1268
For Sale: Heater, stick welder, 32inch Tv. 270-250-2526
For Sale: Bikes and wagons. 270-384-4037
Looking For: Wood. 270-634-0306
For Sale: '01 Pontiac to part out. 270-805-7587
Looking For: Couch and bed. 270-562-4021
Free: Eggs. 270-634-4822
For Sale: Concrete bird bath. 270-805-9574
For Sale: Fire wood. 270-805-9763
For Sale: Living room suit. 270-250-2090
For Sale: Under the counter dishwasher. 270-384-2435
For Sale: Hay $25 a roll. 270-634-1467
Looking For: Beats. 270-384-5716
For Sale: Small hay bales. 270-634-0916
For Sale: Bathroom items and plus size clothes. 270-384-3502
Looking For: Couch and Twin bed. 270-562-4021

For Sale: '03 Ford Windstar Mini Van.

For Sale: Deep freezer. 270-805-9195
For Sale: Ninja Turtle remote control also giving away a half rick of wood and a metal desk. 270-634-1976
For Sale: Stick welder and a 30inch TV. 270-250-2526
For Sale: Yamaha keyboard, rocking chair, and a microwave stand. 270-250-9938
For Sale: Cameras, movies, and electronics. 270-250-9239
Yard Sale: 1765 Bliss Road October 5-6th  
For Sale: Stone doors, cabniets, and canning jars. 270-384-2460
For Sale: Throw rugs and other bathroom items. 270-384-2432
For Sale: '74 Suzuki 185, '89 Yamaha street bike, and small block engines. 270-459-2105
For Sale: Weight lifing set, 20v battery charger, also looking for scrao metal. 606-341-0114
Looking For: Couch and bed. 270-562-4021
Yard Sale: Bomar Heights Road  
For Sale: Hot tub, 40inch sony TV and furniture. 270-385-9949
Looking For: Fridge. 270-562-4021
For Sale: Cabinets and Canning jars. 270-250-2460
For Sale: Comforters, clothes, and shoes. 270-384-3502
For Sale: Wheelchair. 270-789-4622
For Sale: Hand Roller, pool table, and a trailer. 270-384-3477
For Sale: Baby calves. 270-250-1974
For Sale: Battery powered lights and a 32inch TV. 270-250-2526
For Sale: Womens clothes, shoes, mens clothes, also looking for potatoes. 270-384-3502
For Sale: Chiwawa puppy. 270-250-4329
For Sale: Deep freezer also looking for a fridge and couch. 270-562-4021
Looking For: Three Bedroom house in city limits. 270-805-1583
For Sale: Knifes and a wheelchair. 270-789-4622
For Sale: Pool table and exercise machines. 270-805-7090
For Sale: Oak mantel with fireplace insert. 270-378-1049
Looking For: Tomatoes and sweet potatoes. 270-384-3502
For Sale: '03 Jeep and a '03 Poniac. 270-634-4475
Free: Half American Bulldog and half Blue Heeler. Free to a good home. 270-634-0824
For Sale: Hamster and cage. 270-805-1583
Looking For: Two to three bedroom house and a baby swing. 270-585-9784
For Sale: 1977 Odsmobile needs to be restored and a 1977 280Z Datsun. 270-459-2105
For Sale: Boots, women and men clothes, purses, and other items. 270-384-3502
Giveaway: Two Vacuums. 270-384-9604
For Sale: Sony TV asking $20, fax machine asking $5, and a lamp asking $5. 270-585-2728
For Sale: Black bulls and grain fed beef. 270-634-3622

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