Do You Know the Answer?

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Begin your day by being our smartest listeners!  EVERY Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday around day break, 
WAIN 93.5 FM Hot Country will ask a BRAINTEASER question.  If you know the answer to the question, 
enter your information below and your answer in the "Comment" section.  Each Saturday morning between 
6:00 and 10:00 a.m. on WAIN, we'll announce the winner for the week of our Brainteaser question.  
Everyone who submits a correct answer will be entered to win tickets to the Grand Ole Opry!  Again, 
listen every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the question, visit here to answer the question, and 
wait until Saturday to hear if you are a winner!

Thank you to Mid-South Metals of Campbellsville for making us think so early in the morning
and giving you a chance to win tickets!

And your answer is: